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We designed Q-RITE™ with both the contractor, and the customer in mind. The grids and the markings on the film are for easy insulation and PEX tubing installation (see design features illustration below). Why is this important? Because we know that when you save on installation time, you will also save on cost. To ensure that your home is safe for many years, we also treat the product for termite resistance. A safe home requires protection from those little critters that can bring devastating damage. Q-RITE™ is an EPS material which give the the highest R-value per dollar in the industry.

Q-RITE Below Grade Insulation with PEX tubing
Q-RITE Below Grade Insulation with PEX tubing close-up

The Q-Rite Design Features

Q-Rite Below Grade Insulation Design Features

What is R-Value?

The R-Value of an insulation is the thermal resistance rating. It is most comonly used in the construction industry to determine a materials resistance to heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the better resistance to thermal heat transfer the material will provide.

On the chart below we have provided the R-value Ratings for Q-RITE™. Q-RITE™ is available in multiple thicknesses, the R-value will increase as the thickness increases. The R-value will also adjust as the temperatures change.

What is the R-Value For Q-Rite?

Q-Rite is available in clear and reflective material, in the following thicknesses: 3/8”,  1/2”,  3/4”,  1”,  1 1/2”,  2”  2 3/8”

Q-Rite Below Grade Insulation R-Value

Why is Q-Rite better?

Studies show that as much as 25% of energy loss from structure can be attributed to a lack of insulation on belowgrade foundations. In belowgrade applications, foam insulation is exposed to moisture and could lose R-Value over time if this moisture is absorbed.

Not all rigid foam insulations publish their long term R-Value. Only one of these materials has a R-Value warranty for 100% of its published R-Value.

Designed For...

• Energy Efficiency

• Termite Resistance

• Easy Installation

“Adding value to others, is the surest way to add value to our own lives.”

- John C Maxwell

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