Foundation issues have plagued homeowners and contractors for decades. And these problems have left the construction industry searching for solutions, and until recently offering temporary solutions. Foundation cracks from heaving and stress loads have increased even more with additional R-value requirements. The consequences of foundation issues cost building and home owners billions of dollars every year. Owners can experience bulging foundation walls, moisture leaking, structural issues, mold, strange odors, cracks in drywall, window and doors not opening/closing properly and even pest invasions. Through years of study and research, Plymouth Foam has developed a new product that can help reduce foundation issues before they start – SAV+R.

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SAV+R uses Engineered EPS which provides a stable R-value for the life of the foundation. SAV+R is available with R-values of 5, 10 or 15. SAV+R Engineered EPS:

  • Does not leach harmful chemical into soil
  • Has very low moisture absorption
  • Not affected by freeze-thaw cycles
  • 100% recyclable
  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals


Reduce Lateral Pressures by up to 40% using SAV+R Foundation. When lateral pressure pushes on the SAV+R foundation board, the integrated Stress Reducers can “absorb” this pressure and help save your foundation from failure. SAV+R has been designed to handle 5 types of pressure:

  • Reduces backfilling pressures
  • Reduces compacting pressures
  • Reduces clay or soil swell pressures
  • Reduces frost heave pressures


Water leaking into foundation walls via hydrostatic pressure can cause serious issues. SAV+R incorporates Easy Flow Drainage Pathways™ (EFDP) to move water quickly to the foundation drains. EFDP can help:

  • Reduce insulation moisture absorption
  • Reduce hydrostatic pressure
  • Reduce frost heave
  • Accelerate drying
  • Add longevity to the waterprooffing

SAV+R Foundation Protection

SAV+R™ has been designed and engineered to help foundations have less issues and last longer. This innovative product has the ability through the integrated Stress Reducers to reduce lateral load by as much as 40%.

Heavy lateral loads pushing on the foundation walls is the biggest reason foundations fail. Through lab and field research, it was discovered that today’s most common construction was actually increasing foundation issues. This common construction assembly is XPS (extruded polystyrene) 250 material being installed to the foundation walls. XPS 250 adds R-value to the wall but when lateral movement occurred, the product is too stiff and the loads are transferred right to the wall. SAV+R™ Foundation actually absorbs the movement instead of transferring it.

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