Gold Wall

Lower Insulation Costs. Superior Thermal Performance.


The High R-Value of EPS insulation is the most cost effective available and will not diminish over time!

Gold Wall insulating system is specifically designed to provide a cost effective, energy efficient alternative to Z-Furring and stud/batt construction when finishing the interior of block or poured masonry walls.

Gold-Wall combines the proven performance of rigid polystyrene insulation with the structural integrity of steel furring strips to provide an ideal substrate for the installation of drywall or other code approved finishes, and the strength to support shelves and/or furnishings.

In cases where we are working on a remodel or building an addition the panels are cut to fit onsite and attached over the existing wall and/or roof sheathing, providing added insulation without disturbing the inside of the home. The OSB face serves as the fastening surface for siding or roofing.

Our Nail Base Panel is offered in a variety of composite thicknesses, providing long-term thermal resistance (LTTR) values from 6.3 to 24.2. 


Comparison to Z-Furring

Gold-Wall is an innovative way to insulate over concrete block, precast, tilt-up, or poured concrete walls. It has numerous advantages overr conventional Z-Furring systems:

  • Significantly Faster Installations
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Higher R-Values

Gold-Wall is unique because it is factory-made with 25 gauge galvanized (G-60) steel studs embedded directly into the insulation. The EPS board and rigid studs are then laminated on both sides with a durable polymeric fiber.

Recently, 88% of polled architects rated thermal performance as the top factor in specifying wall insulation. Gold-Wall insulates better than conventional Z-furring systems, because the embedded steel studs are completely isolated from the exterior wall. In a Z-furring system, the steel Z-strip is in direct contact with the exterior wall, allowing heat to escape through to the exterior surfaces, reducing the insulation’s R-Factor by over 42%* Additionally, Gold-Wall virtually eliminates condensation and related issues such as shadowing.


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